DSX Defender III

Introduction of New Product

For the last year eighteen months we have been working with the wind energy industry in Europe and Central America. Specifically, we started with our DSX Defender II, a protective wax/sealer. Testing was done on turbine blades and towers. According to engineers involved, the results were excellent. Observation from the highway of the part of the tower where the original product was applied indicates a long life, but the tower is not comparable to the blades.

Engineers in the wind energy industry stated the longer the useful life of the sealer, that is, the more time between repeat applications, the better. Less time for product application means more time for energy production.

Based on these suggestions, we made a new product that seems to be significantly improved for long useful life. We have done preliminary testing in different geographical locations. We have created artificial testing with both temperature and wind, both high and low. The results have been impressive.

This product is going to be available only to the wind energy industry at this time. All sales will be through exclusive representation with assistance from home office.


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