We have very little  information on emissions support by documentation. What documentation we have is from a gasoline engine in a Ford F150 with 200,000 miles on the vehicle and more than 100,000 miles of experience with DSX Extra. The vehicle is licensed in California. The documentation is from the California Air Resources Board.

Diesel engines. We have minimal documentation. We have many reports from customers that indicate a reduction in emissions directly related to DSX Extra. From our earliest days, customers reported that oil consumption dropped after using DSX Extra. Many customers have reported less blow-by. With an ’07 Peterbilt with an ’06 Cat C15, the breather tube discharged at the battery box and the battery box was always dirty prior to using DSX Extra. Since using DSX Extra, the battery box has been clean. In an older truck with a Detroit Diesel engine and more than 800,000 miles of use, we found a 60% reduction of soot in the oil sample taken at 10,000 miles into the second service cycle when compared to a sample taken at 10,000 miles in the first service cycle after using DSX Extra.

The California Air Resources Board test shows almost no NO (nitrogen oxide). As we understand the chemistry, it is the NO that is directly related to the creation of ozone and smog. To be perfectly clear to everyone reading this information, we have not been where we could conveniently do more in-depth evaluating for emissions, so we make no definitive claims.

Smog Reports

Two reports dated Oct. ’09 and Mar ’10 for the same vehicle

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